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  • ‘Women’tal Health: It’s Okay to Seek Help

    Sarabjit Kaur, Editor, Inspire Spectrum We often hear men are from Mars and women are from Venus. The idea of two separate worlds is fascinating to begin with, especially when we start comparing the lives, privileges and hardships of each gender. We have always been told that women are excellent multi-taskers and men read maps […]

  • Menstruation and Period Leaves: Welcome to The Town of Cramps and Unease

    By Guest Author, Ayushi Singh “A Menstruating Woman” Menstruation has been treated as a taboo by many from the old and the new world. In today’s new world, new kinds of challenges have arisen concerning menstrual health. Menstrual health is a matter of right, and not merely a privilege for any girl! Recently, Spain has […]

  • Jab Tune Keh Diya, Alvida: Au Revoir, KK

    Bijetri Roy, Editor-in-Chief, Inspire Spectrum The man whose soulful voice gave a hopeless romantic teenager struggling with heartbreaks and crush rejections, songs like “tadap tadap” and “ek pal ke liye” were the band-aids. When he sang “aye bekhabar”, it gave me hope of finding an equally broken soul later in life who would croon the […]

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