Binge Watch 2030: Episode 2

Bijetri Roy, Editor-in-Chief, Inspire Spectrum

In this short series, I imagine how AI based OTT experience would be in 2030. This series is titled WHAT’S YOUR PHOBIA?

It is a summer afternoon of March, 2030. The makers of What’s Your Phobia have approached me to review their take on AI-based horror. Join me in my journey…

Ep.2: Catoptrophobia

A woman enters a hotel. The hotel manager gives her the electronic key to her room 613. She enters the room. It is a lavish room with pastel wallpapers and royal upholstery. The bed is queen sized. She is too tired from the journey. Her face is not visible in the dim light. 

She quickly changes to her night suit and enters the washroom to wash her face. The mirror is exquisite with golden borders. She washes her face and is trying to pull the towel from the rack. Just then, she feels there is somebody behind her. 

She is now brushing her teeth and notices a shadow in the mirror. “Must be my tired mind”, she reassures herself. She makes a quick glance at her reflection in the mirror. The light in the washroom starts flickering. 

She goes to bed but is unable to sleep. She is tossing and turning. There’s a knock. “Who is it?” There is no response. She tries to sleep, but gets disturbed by another knock. She walks up to the door and looks through the eye hole. There is nobody.

She comes back to the bed and closes her eyes, trying to shut off every noise. There is another knock. She tries to ignore the knock and keeps her eyes shut. The knocks get frantic. She gets up again and looks through the eye hole. Nobody is outside, yet again…

She goes to the washroom; the light is still flickering. She hears a knock again; it seems to come from the mirror. She feels scared. Mustering some courage, she looks into the mirror. All she sees is her own reflection. The knocking stops. She goes back to bed and falls asleep immediately. 

The camera now moves to the washroom and focuses on the mirror. It zooms in on the mirror and I get goosebumps. I am knocking on the mirror from inside and crying out for help, because I am trapped inside. The camera now roves towards the bed and zooms in to the face of the woman sleeping. That is ME as well, and she is wearing the same night suit that I am wearing right now.

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