‘Women’tal Health: It’s Okay to Seek Help

Sarabjit Kaur, Editor, Inspire Spectrum

Source: freepik.com

We often hear men are from Mars and women are from Venus. The idea of two separate worlds is fascinating to begin with, especially when we start comparing the lives, privileges and hardships of each gender. We have always been told that women are excellent multi-taskers and men read maps better. But we often neglect the journey of both the genders through the oldest of times. The journey of women has been through the kitchens of their guarded homes to the forefront of workspace. Family members and society have often juggled between providing support and holding them back. Particularly, society has been a tough nut to crack! The difficult transition, facing direct and indirect discrimination, lack of social security benefits, minimal beneficial provisions for working mothers at workplaces, have left women mentally exhausted.

Leaving a few cases in the metro cities aside, joining the workforce for women means taking up the extra work in addition to her so-called ‘household duties’. As a result, women have been exhausted more than ever. It is important to pause every now and then for our own mental health and for our overall well-being. According to the World Health Organisation, 1 in every 5 women suffer from some kind of mental illness. In India, around 25% of the women suffer from depression and anxiety. The worst part is that women have not been forthcoming in dealing with these issues. The fear and social stigma associated with mental health concerns have led to women shying away from seeking medical help.

Today’s article is a reminder for all our lovely readers to pause, reflect and be kind to themselves. In case of any mental health concerns, seeking help right away is the only way to deal with it. Approaching friends, family members, and professionals to resolve any mental health concerns can ensure self-love and positivity. A list of around 17 verified mental health helplines and services can be accessed here. Apart from these, the Indian government had launched its first national 24X7 mental health helpline ‘KIRAN’ in 2020, which can be reached at 1800-599-0019. A longer list of state-specific helplines can be accessed here.

Life is short! It would be unfair to not live it fully and enjoy every moment of it. Mental health and its associated social stigma snatch a lot more happier moments than we realise. Far worse, if left untreated, it can lead to serious health concerns. I hope this post encourages our readers to seek help if and when they need it. It’s okay to go to therapy or seek help for a counsellor or a psychiatrist.

Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you doesn’t mean you can, should, or need to do it alone.

Lisa Olivera
Source: markdworkin.tumblr.com

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